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The oil companies have recently made changes to the fuel mixtures that you put in your vehicle. These new additives, although safer for the environment, can affect your vehicle's performance. To help protect your vehicle's fuel system and promote longevity, IT IS IMPORTANT TO REPLACE YOUR VEHICLE'S FUEL FILTER AT PROPER INTERVALS AND TO KEEP YOUR FUEL TANK ABOVE 1/4 TANK AT ALL TIMES.

Changing your engine coolant, transmission fluid & brake fluid is vital, to keep your car in optimum working order. Just like performing an "oil change", engine coolant, transmission fluid & brake fluids will break down over time, collecting dirt & debris and become corrosive causing long term damage to your engine, transmission, and anti-lock braking systems.

Performing these services, along with other preventative maintenance services, will ensure proper operation, fuel economy & performance of your car.

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